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Trout in the Classroom
Demonstrations at Los Coyotes School

By Floyd Sabins


Trout In The Classroom is an educational program in which students observe the hatching and maturation of rainbow trout that are provided by DFG. TIC is now endorsed as part of the California science curriculum. FFCOC is responsible for TIC in Orange County, where 31 classrooms are participating in the current session. TIC volunteers from FFCOC deliver trout eggs to the schools, help with releasing the fry, and give demonstrations at the schools.


 Ken Reed teaching students about entomology


Three teachers at Los Coyotes Elementary School in La Palma are long-time TIC supporters. In May, Ken Beck, Ken Reed, and Floyd Sabins showed the students flycasting, entomology, and fly-tying. As usual the students were very bright eyed, curious, and well-behaved. Ken Reed had the students draw various insects and some pictures were outstanding. Ken Beck noticed that some students (especially the girls) quickly caught on to casting. As Floyd tied wooly buggers, the students were impressed at how the palmering process works. In May we also did  classroom demonstrations at Landell Elementary School, Cypress. Ken Reed later escorted the class to Monrovia Park to release their fry.


On two days in June, we helped some 200 fifth grade students from Stacy/Cleg Elementary School, Westminster release their fry at Tri Cities Park in Brea. Ed Kline demonstrated various flies and explained the contents of his fishing vest. Ken Reed and Floyd Sabins reviewed entomology, using a diagram of the life cycle of the caddis fly together with trout flies that match each stage. Jim Wright, Luther Huff, and Harvey Diamond demonstrated casting and gave student an opportunity  to cast.

TIC gives us the opportunity to get our messages (Catch and Release, stream preservation) across to dozens of teachers and hundreds of students. There is a huge "multiplier effect" to our program. We welcome FFCOC volunteers - contact Jim Wright, Ken Reed, or Floyd Sabins for more information. For new club members, participating in volunteer groups, such as TIC, is a great way to establish personal relationships with other members.

 Ken Beck Instructing a student on how to cast a fly rod


If you are a teacher and are interested in finding out more about our TIC program, Please contact Melinda Burns @ 1-951-415-9920 or  

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